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 Photos Used by Internet Scammers
 Gypsy Sweetheart Scammer Takes the
 Money and Runs But Florida Victims Too
 Embarrassed to Talk - 2/07
 LOVE SUCKERS - They Can Steal More
 Than Just Your Money - 4/01/07
 The Dark Side of Internet Dating - 11/07
 The Black Widow - Dateline's 8/07- Con
 Artist Whose Friends/Spouses Kept
 Counterfeit Canadian Bills - Searchable
 Serial No. Database Provided by Halifax
Photos of Innocent Man Used to Scam Hundreds 

  Over 200 women have already been identified as the victims of a romance scam that used photos of this innocent man as a lure.  If you have also been a victim of these photos, a documentary filmmaker would like to hear from you:  "Loving Jim Goetz" - A film by Eva van Pelt.

Be part of an exciting new TV series 
get FREE help from the best 
private investigators around! 

Discovery Studios wants to help sweetheart fraud victims get justice.  

Did your dream spouse actually marry you for a green card? Did your best friend meet someone online that smells a bit (cat)fishy to you? 

Everyone wants closure, but not everyone gets it - especially those who have been conned. Discovery wants to help change that.

Just email gaby_astrauskas@discovery.com with your name, age, location and story, and Discovery will go from there. 

Or go to:


U.S. Shares Blame for Drug Wars
Drug Stats -  The Cost of Drug Use

You can help reduce our federal budget 
deficit, ease the financial crisis and save 
the lives of innocent victims in the
 U.S. and Mexico if you...

 Don't Use Drugs!

St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Extraordinary Series on
Fugitives Reveals Why Roadblocks Are
for the Justice System, Not for Fleeing Fugitives

"I want to thank CUFF for your insight early on in the process."  Joe Mahr, Investigations Reporter/Editor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch  

Find the E-Mails of Your Congressman & Senators Here, Then Send Them the Series Link Above and ask For:

  * Mandatory Inclusion in NCIC of All Felony Fugitives   

  * Federal Funding for All Felony Interstate Extraditions

  * Increased Federal Assistance for State Justice Systems

FBI's N-DEx Database Simplifies Agency Data Sharing
(Does this mean more of the
1,000,000+ fugitives will be extradited?)

4/21/08 -
FBI announces the creation of N-DEx - a national information-sharing system available through a secure Internet site for law enforcement and criminal justice agencies.  N-DEx allows agencies to search and analyze data using some powerful automated capabilities, helping to connect the dots between people, places, and events. 

     Historically, America is defeated militarily only when we help fight the civil wars of nations who do not understand our democratic system or our selfless desire to share it with them.  The criminals in America understand our system just fine and their exploitation of its limited funding and personnel is diminishing our safety and security.  How much longer before we fight a civil war we can win - the war against those within our own borders who take our lives and our property just like any foreign invader?  One in Every 100 Americans is now in jail - 2/29/2008 

Florida Sheriff's Dept. Takes Action on Fraudulent E-Mails

CUFF salutes the Collier County, FL Sheriff's Dept. for advising citizens in 12/07 to begin forwarding all fraudulent e-mails to the Economic Crimes Unit for investigation.  We hope other law enforcement jurisdictions will follow the lead of this forward-thinking sheriff's department.  The end result will be a drastic cut in Internet fraud as fraudsters start to recognize that victims are no longer without recourse. Read Story

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  subjects, including all U.S. fugitives
  on ALL Federal Government Websites.     

Print CUFF's Criminal Database flyer and send it to your local police, county sheriff and state police.  Ask them to enter their fugitives in the database so the public can help find them.


 Beware and Prepare
 What to watch for and where to go for help 
 if you've been scammed. Pick a Scam....
Buying or selling on an auction site or 
  through an online community?  Then you
  better read:
Scam warning on craigslist.


 Internet Swindlers Database
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 Internet? Search for the person and/or
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E-Mail with Fraudulent Grand Jury Summons
  Contains Malware - 4/17/08
*Freddie Mac Video Warning Consumers How to

Avoid Foreclosure Scams .  The Hope National
elpline - 888-995-HOPE - provides free mortgage 
  foreclosure help.

*Phony FTC E-mail from "Fraud Department"
  Carries Dangerous Virus - 11/07
*Is this the FBI's Most Wanted, James Bulger,
   video-taped in Italy in 4/07?
*FBI Warns of E-mail Greeting Card Claiming to
   be from a Friend that Carries a Virus or Worm -
*U.K. Credit Card Fraud Victims Told to Go to the
Not to the Police - 3/30/07
*U.S. Can't Account for 600,000+ Fugitives - 3/07
*Lying Becoming Endemic; Embezzlement
   Common, UK Report Finds - 3/07 
*FBI Warns of Assassination Scam E-Mail - 1/10/07
*Fraud "Crime of Choice" for Terror Funding - 6/05

The Journey to Final Justice - Are We There Yet?
 Two CUFF Victims May Be in the Final Stretch:

  Sweetheart Scam Artist Arrested in SC for Bigamy X 3  
         News Story        TV News Video

    Five Years Later Victim Who Lost $29,000+ to "Ghost"  
   Corporation Finally Tells Her Story to Media. 

    Law Designed to Protect Consumers Goes Unenforced

     Other Victims Post Their Own Stories on Message Board.

newsgray.gif (3310 bytes)  GOOD NEWS FOR COMMUNITIES;
  FBI announces the creation of N-DEx - A national information-sharing system
  available through a secure Internet site for law enforcement and criminal justice
agencies.  4/21/08
  Private Enterprise Begins to Help Law Enforcement Find Fraudsters - 
EBay Sends Its Own Investigators to Romania to Fight Fraud - 12/26/07 
  Nigerian 419 Fraudster Sentenced to 6 Years for Defrauding Egyptian 
  General Out of Over $500,000 - 12/07
  Eliot Ness Would be Proud - Gang Round-Up in Denver Nets 53 Arrests of the
  "Worst of The Worse," $1 Million in Cash & 170 Pounds of Cocaine -  4/26/07
  FBI Teams Up with Retail Organizations to Create Database that will Provide 
Uniform Way of Identifying Criminals Involved in Organized Retail Theft -
  1st Bank Displays Anti-Scam Brochure in Branches to Protect Customers 
  from Counterfeit Check Fraud:
Print It and Ask Your Bank to Do the Same - 2/07
  Michigan Increases State Budget for Tracking Fugitives by 50% - 8/06
  Nigeria Bans Night-Browsing at Cyber Cafes to Reduce Fraud8/06
  California Sweetheart Scam Thwarted by Alert Neighbor - a Deputy
  Sheriff; Female Fraudster Arrested  - 6/06
  More Fraud News...(Some good, some bad)
  More Fugitive News...(Some good, some bad)

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 Subjects murdered teenager in
 Northlake, IL over $15.00 debt.

View their record in the CUFF database
 Chicago Tribune Story

 Oscar Ocampo

ID NO. 1309
1st Degree Murder

  Arturo J. Daza
ID NO. 1308
Accomplice to Murder

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 Lack of  funds in law enforcement budgets should not be the reason that criminals escape prosecution and incarceration.  CUFF uses private, tax-deductible donations to help locate and prosecute criminals and bring justice to the victims and the community. 

   CUFF works to educate the public and law enforcement about the impact of fraud, a community-based crime that costs everyone - the victim, the taxpayers, businesses and government.  

  One clever con artist can steal the savings of thousands of people and cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars  Help stop this vicious cycle.

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