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      Order a $59.00 Background Search on a subject in the form below.  Please make sure your e-mail address does not contain typos.  If you do not receive an e-mail receipt for your Background Search request within one week, your e-mail may be spam-protected.  Please make sure that our e-mail,, is not blocked and send us an email to let us know if you do not receive any communication from us.  We respond to all victims.
      If you are the victim of a crime and the defendant is a fugitive, we will work with you to locate the person. Submit the case details to the Criminal Database.  After we verify the warrant information, the subject will be published in CUFF's
Internet Criminal Database and our investigators will provide a free skip trace report on the subject in order to help law enforcement make an arrest.  CUFF will also work with you to track the fugitive. Contact CUFF for details.

         Have you been the victim of a theft by someone clever enough to make it look like you willingly "loaned" or gave them money?  If you have been, the chances of the police arresting the person and the prosecutor charging them with theft are very slim.   However, it is possible that this person has successfully pulled this ploy with other victims and may have a criminal history or civil judgments as a result of the scams.  CUFF will research the person's background to determine if this is the case.  Previous convictions for fraud or multiple civil judgments for alleged fraud can be used to substantiate your claims of fraud to the police. 

        If the person does not have a criminal history or civil judgments, it does not mean they have not successfully conned others.  You may just be the first victim to stand up and demand justice.  CUFF will advise you how to obtain justice through the courts, criminally or civilly.  We will work with you to collect information to use in your case and give you suggestions based on the experiences of the victims we have worked with.
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        If you are determined to try to make the person who stole from you pay - in civil and/or criminal court - please complete the questions in the form below so we may perform a background search on the person.   

      The fee for the background search is $59.00.  The report will include information on the person going back to the early 1980's and will include address and phone information, relatives' names and addresses, neighbors' names and addresses, property owned, civil judgments, criminal records, aliases and a verification that the social security number being used is valid.  Additional research will be performed for free if the information produced indicates aliases, multiple social security numbers, a criminal history or civil judgments that suggest fraud. 

       The background search is performed by professional private investigators and skip tracers who charge minimal fees or provide pro bono investigative services to CUFF in order to help bring justice to victims and prosecute con artists.  This background search may be what uncovers a long criminal history and outstanding warrants for your con artist.  And if it does, and the subject has absconded, CUFF will work with you to track the subject so the police can make an arrest. 
Contact CUFF for details  CUFF will also publish the subject in our online searchable Fugitive Database for free.  

       If you already know that the subject has an outstanding warrant, you can
Submit it to the CUFF Fugitive Database for free. This database is not searchable on the Internet until CUFF verifies the warrant and your personal information will not be given to anyone unless you authorize it.  When it is published, anyone can search the database for free using 48 different search criteria, including the subject's physical description, aliases, background information and keywords.

       You can also submit the subject to the
Internet Swindlers Database, which is a proprietary database that is not searchable on the Internet but is used by CUFF to match names and MO's of swindlers that may help law enforcement and to put victims in contact with each other for the purpose of sharing information that may lead to prosecution.. 

       If you obtain a civil judgment against this person, enter it in the
Internet Civil Judgment Registry.  A letter will be sent to the defendant to pay or be published in the free searchable Internet Judgment Registry database.

       All of the information you provide in this form is confidential. The subject will not be contacted by CUFF even if his/her whereabouts are known.

CUFF is a crime victim's advocacy organization that works with fraud victims to obtain justice, publishes an Internet database of wanted fugitives and helps victims track the fugitives who harmed them so they can be arrested. Citizens United to Find Fugitives is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation. Our investigative services and fugitive database are supported by tax-deductible donations and the background report fee.

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   Did you loan the person money? Yes No
   If yes, do you have a written agreement? Yes    No
   Did the person forge your signature on documents?  Yes    No
   Has this person agreed to repay you any of the loaned money? Yes No  
   Has any of it been repaid? Yes No
   Do you know the whereabouts of the accused? Yes No
   If yes, please provide as much as is known: street, city, state, zip
   If no, where do you think the person may be?
   Do you have witnesses who will substantiate your claims? Yes No  If yes, explain:
   Have you filed a police report on the person? Yes No    If yes, what happened:
   Does this person have violent tendencies?  Yes   No
   Are you personally aware of other victims of this person?  Yes    No
   If yes, are they willing to provide information that may help with the prosecution of
   this person? Yes No
   Enter any background information you have on this person, including criminal history:
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   How would you like for us to help you? 

Submit to go to the confirmation page.  If your information is incorrect, click BACK in your browser to edit.  Only the last submission will be viewed by CUFF. 

  *We are not attorneys.  Our advice is based on the personal experiences of our members who have attempted to prosecute someone who defrauded them.  In some cases, they were successful.  When they were not successful, they used the courts to obtain justice by filing a lawsuit against the person, obtaining a civil judgment and then going after the defendant's assets.  If you are not comfortable representing yourself in court, we recommend that you hire a competent attorney. It is also a good idea to seek legal advice at the onset of any pro se (representing yourself) action since each state has different statutes of limitations and court procedures. If you want to file a small claims court case against the defendant, go to our Get Even Legally page for an overview of how to do it.

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