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REPORT FRAUD - (If you don't report it, how will law enforcement ever know about it?)

  FBI's IC3 - Internet Fraud Report Form
Consumer Sentinel -  Fraud Reporting Agency Sponsored by National and International Law Enforcement Agencies
Consumer World - Links to government agencies that handle consumer complaints
  Report a Scam  to the Better Business Bureau
Nigerian scam solicitations that come by e-mail should be forwarded to the FTC at uce@ftc.gov
  Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) - Report fraud in Nigeria for loss cases only   
  Address, Phone Number and Web Site Form for Contacting Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)

  Federal Trade Commission Scam Complaint Center -  File a complaint for Internet scams
  Report Social Security Fraud 
  Report fraud on e-bay to the e-bay Security Center
  Forward fraudulent e-mails claiming to be from PayPal  to
Federal Trade Commission's Online Complaint Form for identity theft
  Federal Trade Commission's Online Complaint Form for online shopping and auction fraud
  Federal Trade Commission's Form for filing an online complaint against a business or organization
  Federal Trade Commission's Form for filing an online complaint against a foreign company
  U.S. Postal Inspection Service - File a mail fraud complaint
U.S. Secret Service - Report Nigerian 4-1-9 Fraud 
  U.S. Secret Service advises where to report credit card and identity fraud 
National Consumers League's National Fraud Information Center

  Alphabetical list of U.S. Government agencies where a complaint against a business or individual can be filed
CANADIAN VICTIMS - Report fraud in Canada
UNITED KINGDOM VICTIMS - Report fraud to Scotland Yard
Anti-Phishing.org - Provides Online Form for Reporting Phishing E-mails and Lists Fraudulent Phishing E-mails



Better Business Bureau
  Consumer World - Links to government agencies that handle consumer complaints
e-Bay Security Center
  Online Consumer Protection: Guide for people who shop online.


Protect Yourself from ATM Fraud - Laws limit your losses to $50.00 if you report lost card or unauthorized use within 2 days
  Con Artists Seize on New Drug Discount Plan
  Internet Fraud - FBI lists common scams and tells you how to protect yourself
E-Mail Scams
Schemes, Scams & Frauds -  Descriptions of Common and Not-So-Common Fraud Schemes
  Common Scams that Con Artists Use
  Counterfeit Check Fraud 
  Nigerian Scams  
Forward all Nigerian scam e-mails to the FTC at
Searchable Database of E-Mails and Phone Numbers Used by Scammers
       Romance Scam.com - Publishes Phony Photos Being Used by Internet Sweetheart Scammers
       Yahoo Romance Scam Message Board - Members Share Information on Scammers and Discuss Reform Measures
       Nigerian 419 Coalition - What to do if you are contacted by a Nigerian 419 scammer
Nigeria's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission Web Site Warns of 419 Scams
       Reporting Nigerian Scams is beginning to pay off.  Scotland Yard arrested 500 Nigerian scammers in mid-2004.
Women's Gifting Clubs - Read a forum discussion and learn why you better avoid them
                                                 Montana Auditor Prosecutes Members of Women's Gifting Clubs
 Three-Digit Credit Card Fraud
FirstGov.com's list of scams
  Video Phones at the Check-Out Counter
  Phishing - Counterfeit e-mails that look like they came from national firms but are used by thieves to steal your identity -
Report phishing e-mails immediately to the company being represented in the solicitation.  Check their Web site
                       to find their e-mail address for fraud reports or the phone number of the security department.
FTC Tells How Not to Get Hooked By a Phishing Scam from the FTC
Phishing Warnings and Protection Advice from The Office of the Currency
Advice from PayPal: 10 Ways to Protect Yourself from Fraudulent E-Mails    
  Click Fraud: What It Is and How It Works
  MSNBC News Story Warns of the Horrors of Internet Sweetheart Scams - 7/28/2005  
Job Seeker Using Online Employment Site Says She Faces Jail Time Because She Was Duped Into Postal Forwarding Scam 
  Demand Drafts and Online Check Writing Open the Door to Fraudulent Checks
  Bank Regulators Issue Warning Against Check Fraud At Online Check Writing Sites
  Bank ATMs Converted to Steal IDs of Customers
Deaf  Relay Fraud
Identity Fraud TIPS from CNET's news.com - How to Protect Yourself and What to Do After It Happens
Western Union Warns Its Customers About Wire Transfer Fraud and Describes Typical Scams

Real Estate Loan Scams Against Seniors Without Mortgages
  Victim Is Called by Person Claiming to Be An Investigator for a Fraud  Involving the ID Theft of their SS Number.
   Beware of Gift Card Fraud During the Holidays

 Vishing - A New Version of Phishing Using a Phone
   Employment Offers - Fraudulent E-mails Advertise Jobs with Large Foreign Companies, Particularly in Canada, and Provide
     a Link to an Application Page on a Fraudulent Web site. 
     Will Be Used to Steal Your Identity.   If You Want to Apply for a Job, Contact the Real Company's Human Resources Dept.
      and Ask How to Apply.
Avoiding Fraud: Discusses the best ways to avoid becoming a victim.
   Common Scams: Lists the most common Internet scams   
   Internet Fraud and Abuse: Looks at the types of scams that are on the rise and how to recognize them.
   Internet Fraud: Provides a lot of helpful tips.
   Internet Fraud Protection: Simple guidelines for avoiding Internet scams.


 Victim of Gypsy Scam Puts Con Artist and Her Husband in Jail
 A Sweetheart Scam That Even the Prosecutor Couldn't Ignore
 Woman Who Claimed to Be Heiress Convicted of Bilking Real Estate Developer
 "Serial Sweetheart Swindler" Arrested

 Master Con Artist Says It's Not His Fault That His Gullible Victims Believed Him 
Married Woman Arrested for Stealing $300,000 from Elderly Man in Sweetheart Scam
 Swindle Case Used as Teaching Tool at Senior Summit
 Combating Romance Fraud - Advice from a Victim Who Out-conned Her Con Artist
 Man Charged with Fraud after Tricking his Girlfriend into Believing He Had Cancer
 Meth addicts pay for drugs with stolen identity information

 One Couple's Nightmare: They Feel Let Down by System After ID Theft, Harassment Case
 Woman Accused of Faking Cancer
MSNBC News Story Warns of the Horrors of Internet Sweetheart Scams - 7/28/2005
Job Seeker Using Online Employment Site Says She Faces Jail Time Because She Was Duped Into Postal Forwarding Scam 
 Good Samaritan Loses $18,000 in Nigerian Scam
 Bogus Princess Pleads Guilty to Fraud 
 When Your Husband Is a Con Man
 23-Year-Old Genius Steals Over 2 Million In Online Frauds from His Bedroom
 Bigamist Arrested After Two of His Wives Appear on Dr. Phil's Show
 Cancer Patient Solves His Own ID Theft Case When Police Wouldn't  -Thief  Was the Hospital Technician Who Drew His Blood 
 Dozens Indicted for Southern California Marriage Scam Targeting Foreigners Seeking Citizenship
 Quick-Thinking Leads to Arrest of Fugitive After He Obtained over $135,000 in Loans from Elderly Canadian Man
 Detroit Woman Gets One-to-Four Years in Prison for Polygamy Fraud That May Have Involved Up to 15 Husbands
Process Server Goes to Church to Serve Minister a Subpoena to Produce Proof of Assets for the $300,000 + Federal District
     Court Judgment Awarded the Children of a Victim Defrauded by the Evangelist.  View Photo of the Process Service
     Taken by the Tulsa, OK Press Who Were Waiting in the Pews.  The Minister, Johnny Chambers, is ID NO 919 in the
     CUFF Database.
 Man Looking for Love on the Internet Found Nigerian Con Artist Instead
 Disbarred Atlanta, GA Attorney Defrauds 10 Dating Site Sweethearts Out of Over One Million Dollars
 ABC Expose on Nigerian Scammer Doesn't Stop Him from Trying Again - 12/2006
 Love Suckers (Elderly Victims Lose More than Money to Sweetheart Scammers) - Read Story in The Scottsdale Times - 4/01/07
Australian Con Artist Who Defrauded Elderly Man Out of  His Life Savings Emotionally Devastates His Family - 5/13/07
The Dark Side of Internet Dating - 11/07
Gypsy Sweetheart Scammer Takes the Money and Runs But Florida Victims Too Embarrassed to Talk - 2/07
The Black Widow - Dateline - 8/07- Com Artist Whose Friends & Spouses Kept Dying


Detailed guide for avoiding Internet scams

Victim Notification of Offender Release - Victims can register their names for notification of offender's release.
Profile of a Con Artist by an Experienced Fraud Victim
Con Artists - Would you spot a wolf in sheep's clothing?  How con artists set up a victim and why they are so successful 
Why Do Con Artists Scam?
  Fraud Aid.com - What to do after you've been conned in an investment scam.  Includes a Fraud Victim's Manual.
CUFF's Fraud Report Form - Submit a fraud case for a free analysis.
CUFF's Fraud Fighters Force - Victims working together to help locate and prosecute con artists who steal, then disappear.
IDENTITY THEFT - What to do after it happens : A Step-by-Step Guide from The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
  Scam Warnings from fraudaid.com
  Crimes-of- Persuasion.com

  Get Even Legally in Small Claims Court - The system  works.  Don't be afraid to use it.  You'll be glad you did.
  The Fraud Victim's Manual - How to write a fraud report that convinces the police to file charges against a con artist

How to Spot a Con Artist  - Connecticut Department of Banking
  Professionals Against Confidence Crime
Spotting a Sweetheart Scamrt
  Fraud Tech's World of Cons, Frauds and Other Lies
Beware of Banking Check Fraud -  Con artists know the laws - You better know them, too.  
Scam Report Sites 

  Con Artists - How they Prey on Singles
Internet Fraud Watch
  Scam Watch
Internet Scambusters

  National Fraud Information Center
Sweetheart Swindles ARE Real Crimes
  Watch Out for the Con Man
  The Elderly Are the No. 1Target of Swindlers
  Even Sensible People Fall Prey to the Lure of a Con
  Why Con Artists Love Us
  Reformed Thief  & Author of  "Catch Me If You Can" Tells How to Protect Your Identity
  Washington State Attorney General's Office Tells How to Protect Against Consumer Fraud
Scam Victims United.com
  How to Spot an Investment Con Artist - Advice from the North American Securities Administrators Association
  Beating the Con Artist at His Own Game - Advice from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

  National Association of Crime Victim Compensation Boards
  Federal Trade Commission's Identity Theft Information Web Site
  National Cyber Alert System - U.S. Government warnings of cyber threats and vulnerabilities
Western Union's FAQ's on Consumer Fraud Awareness
  Proposals to Tighten Up Anti-Fraud Laws in England Unveiled
Snopes.Com - Urban Legends Reference, Message Board, Scam Reports
Advice from PayPal: 10 Ways to Protect Yourself from Fraudulent E-Mails

  National Crime Victim Bar Association - Helping Crime Victims Pursue Justice through the Legal System
  Women's Law.org
  Help for ID Theft Victims - Consumer Victim Advocates, Inc.
 Elder Angels.com
Anti-Phishing.org - Provides Online Form for Reporting Phishing E-mails and Lists Fraudulent Phishing E-mails
 Looks Too Good to Be True.com
 Love fraud.com - Forum for Women Who Have Been in Destructive Relationships
 Fight Bigamy - Web Site of the Wife of a Bigamist Whose Fight for Justice Helped Put Him In Jail
 FlippingFrenzy.com - Mortgage Fraud Education Provided by Recognized Real Estate Author
 Prevent Mortgage Fraud.com
 Advice from an Financial Writer on How to Avoid Online Fraud
 Eight Signs That You May Know The Person Who Stole Your Identity
 Romance Scam.com
- Publishes Photos Being Used by Internet Sweetheart Scammers - Run by an Online Dating Service
Yahoo Message Board "Romance Scams"  - Nigerian Romance Scam Support Group & Forum
American Family Rights Association
 Omnipelagos.com - Scam Definitions and History of Scams in Fact, Books and Film
 www.cameronhchambers.com - Author of  "Confessions of an Internet Don Juan"
 National Fraud Constable - Report Business Fraud