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      CUFF is a grassroots anti-fraud movement founded by fraud victims.  CUFF has worked with thousands of victims who are appalled by the deficiencies in the criminal justice system that allow thieves to steal "legally."  Over and over victims are told by police and prosecutors that their theft is a civil dispute which should be taken to civil court, not criminal court.  The result is that serial thieves, who are generically dubbed as "con artists," are able to financially devastate victims over and over again with little worry about being prosecuted.  

     CUFF needs you to help stop this travesty.  Most law enforcement officers want to help fraud victims but limited budgets, minimal police training in fraud investigation and vaguely defined fraud laws are impeding their efforts.  

     Many of these con artists are fugitives with warrants in other jurisdictions.  Tell others about the CUFF fugitive database in order to expand the exposure of the fugitives in it and join CUFF today to help CUFF 'em tomorrow.

     If you have specific questions relating to your case, please review the information in CUFF's Justice for Fraud Victims section.  If you do not find answers to your questions there, please complete the CUFF Fraud Form.  For any other questions, please contact us here.

   You do not need to donate to join CUFF, but If you would like to support CUFF's crime-fighting efforts, you will be helping your community and yourself: Make a tax-deductible donation to CUFF

CUFF is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation.  CUFF research is provided by professional private investigators, skip tracers, collectors and volunteers who have been the victims of fraud and know the difficulty of obtaining justice without support from others who have already gone through the system.

    As a CUFF member, you will receive updates on legislation that affect fraud and fugitives.  If you have joined the
Fraud Fighters Registry, CUFF will e-mail cases to you (without any specific victim information) that you might be able to help resolve, based on your own experiences and expertise.  But most importantly, by joining CUFF, you will be part of the nation's fastest growing anti-fraud movement that is actively working to do something about the problem.  The larger our membership, the greater our power in the legislatures around the country.  We will e-mail you letters that we recommend you send to your legislators when we are working on specific case law reform.  We welcome ALL your suggestions and recommendations.

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