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Compare the features in the separate photos of each of these fugitives and former fugitives.  The differences are obvious, but so are the similarities if you look closely.  If you were trying to ID one of these subjects, would you be able to recognize them?  


Bates, Melvin

The receding hairline, slightly flared nostrils and hooded eyelids of this subject are identical in all of the photos.

This is a photograph of Clayton Lee WaagnerThis is a photograph of Clayton Lee Waagner 

Long hair, facial hair or a short haircut cannot conceal the upside down v-shaped eyebrows and cleft chin of this subject.


MSP:Gary Gene Garlinghouse
The photo on the right was taken when the fugitive was
apprehended - 25 years after the mug shot was taken. 
The protruding pointed ears of the subject are concealed
by his hair in the earlier photo but the style of the mustache 
and beard remain unchanged.

Zachs.JPG (61669 bytes)
Zach(age enhanced).JPG (67432 bytes)

A beard can conceal the chin line and neck but the eyebrows, ears, hair color and style and style of the mustache of this subject are too similar to overlook.