1 Victim's Full Name
2 Victim's Full Address
3 Victim's Phone Number
4 Date of Fraud:  Beginning Date to End Date (Month/Day/Year)
5 Full Name of Accused
6 Last Known Address of Accused   Is the accused still at this address, to the best of your knowledge? 
If not, where do you think he or she is now?
7 Description of Accused: Approximate Age, Height, Weight, Hair Color, Eye Color, Tattoos, Scars, Other Physical Descriptions
8 Date of Birth of Accused, if known
9 Social Security Number of Accused, if known
10 Description of Property Stolen: (Money, car, securities, house, etc.)
Money: How much? Between what dates? What was the reason you gave the accused the money?
Car: Describe car.  When taken? What was the reason you gave the accused the car?  What reason do you believe the 
                               accused will give for taking the car.
Securities: Describe in detail
House: Address.  Whose names are on the title to the house?  How did the accused convince you to put him on the title?
11 Were any documents forged?  What proof do you have?
12 How long did you know the accused? Enter exact dates:
13 Where did you meet the accused?
14 What name did he use when you met?
15 Do you suspect the accused has other names?  If so, what are they and how do you know this?
16 What information did the accused give you about himself when you met that has turned out to be false?  
How do you know this information is false?
17 What are the names, addresses and phone numbers of other people who may know the accused was attempting to defraud you?
18 What are the names, addresses and phone numbers of friends of the accused who may or may not know he was 
attempting to defraud you?
19 Did you ever learn that the accused was in a romantic relationship with another person during the time you 
believe you were being defrauded?  Give that person's (persons') name, address and phone number.
20 Do you know other victims of the accused?  Give names, addresses and phone numbers
21 Why do you believe you were defrauded?
22 What information do you have to support the accused's premeditated theft? 
23 Do you have proof of forgery?  If so, what is that proof?
24 Does the accused have a criminal history?  If so, detail the convictions you are aware of.
25 Do you know of any outstanding warrants against the accused?  If so, in which jurisdictions are they and what are the charges?
26 On approximately what date did you become suspicious that you were being intentionally defrauded?
27 What happened that made you suspicious?
28 As you think back on your relationship with the accused, what other behaviors are, in retrospect, suspicious?
29 Did the accused ever threaten you?
30 Did the accused ever physically harm you? If yes, describe the events and provide the estimated dates.
31 Are you afraid of the accused?
32 Do you believe the accused intended to steal from you from the beginning of your relationship?
If no, when do you think the planning to steal actually began?
33 Provide at least one, and preferably more, of the typical statements the accused would give you when you asked 
for your money back or asked when he or she was going to fulfill their side of the mutual agreement you had. 
Be specific as this is important in profiling the person.
34 Did you actually give any of the stolen money or property to the accused?  If so, how much?  
Why did you give it to the person?  What will the accused say about this gift when asked? 
35 If the accused is on the run, where do you think he or she would go?  Do you know any relatives who
might harbor the accused?  If yes, give their names, addresses and phone numbers, if possible.  Give as much as you know.