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Lexington, KY
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Missing Woman Believed To Be With Wanted Man

Wes Hyland

Lexington, KY, Dec. 30 - Police say he's been conning people out of cash and cars for years and they believe a Lexington woman, listed as a missing person, is with him.

     Investigators say the two could be in Kentucky.  He is 58-year-old Gerald Rogers.  The girl with him is 22-year-old Jessica Evans and police say he's conned her into a web of lies.
     "Basically, he's a career criminal, con artist," said Evans' aunt Sarah Farris.
     Farris has been researching Gerald Rogers' criminal history.  Her niece has been with Rogers crossing the country for two years.  In 2000, Farris says Rogers lured Jessica away from a Louisville restaurant, telling her he was a Hollywood producer... promising her riches, saying they had to leave right away.  Jessica went.
     "She was allowed some initial contact in the beginning.  But it was strange.  You could tell she was being coached what to say," said Farris.
     All contact was eventually cut off.  The two now criss-crossing the nation.  Police say Rogers rips people off for a living.  He was last seen in Oldham County as recently as last week.  
     Rogers is known as 'The Greeting Card Bandit.'  At convenience stores, he trades out smaller bills for the equivalent in larger ones... confuses the clerk, eventually leaving the worker with a greeting card that the worker thinks is filled with cash.  Instead, it's filled with useless paper.
     "He's very consistent with the dollar amount.  Usually, it's $400 a hit and usually he'll hit at least two businesses in one area a day," said Farris.
     So, why doesn't Jessica leave Rogers?  Farris says Rogers has dug so deep into Jessica's life, he knows all of Jessica's relatives and threatens to hurt or kill them if Jessica tries to leave.  
     You can log onto to learn more about Gerald Rogers.  Police say he has conned a number of women, bankrupting them and then leaving them.
     If you see Rogers, call Kentucky State Police at 1-800-222-5555.

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