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Saturday, January 18, 2003
Headline News
Evans hasn't been seen or heard from since May 2002
Jessica Hayden Evans, left, and Gerald Drexal Rogers.

While police search for a man accused of committing a string of crimes in Kentucky, three Marion County families continue to search for the woman traveling with him.
Jessica Hayden Evans, 22, was lured away from her job at a Louisville restaurant by 58-year-old career criminal and con man Gerald Drexal Rogers two years ago.
Evans is the daughter of Marion County natives Cathy Browning Kirzinger and Joe "Butch" Evans and the stepdaughter of Richard Kirzinger, also of Marion County.
At first, contact with Evans was limited but she hasn't been seen or heard from since May 2002, according to her aunt, Sarah Browning Farris.
Rogers, who is often called the "Greeting Card Bandit" because of a particular scam he uses frequently, is wanted in 40 jurisdictions throughout the United States and uses several aliases.
He was indicted in Warren County for theft by deception in December and is suspected of scamming several businesses in Bowling Green and Elizabethtown over the last few months.
Rogers was last seen in Oldham County but he is wanted in several states such as Tennessee, California, Florida and New York for crimes ranging from grand theft to parole violations.
Farris said that Rogers convinced Evans in 2000 that he was a Hollywood producer or casting agent and promised her riches if you would work for him as an assistant. He insisted that they leave Kentucky immediately and they have criss-crossed the country since, passing through Kentucky as recently as in December.
Evans has blond or strawberry blond hair and blue eyes. She is 22, 5-foot-6 and weighs 120 to 135 pounds. She might be traveling with a Lhasa Apso dog named Billy.
Farris said Rogers has learned a great deal about Evans and has threatened to hurt or kill her family members if she tries to leave him.
Rogers is described as a white male, 5-foot-8, 216 pounds, with gray hair, blue eyes and medium complexion. He sometimes wears wire-rimmed glasses and has been reported to change his facial hair to avoid detection, alternating between a clean shave, a goatee and a full beard.
He is said to be driving a late model gray Chevrolet Tahoe with Florida license plates and a front plate that reads "I love my Dog."
Rogers is wanted by the FBI and his criminal history, along with information about his involvement with Evans' disappearance, is featured on the Citizens United to Find Fugitives Web site
Cuff is an agency that tracks known and suspected scam artists.
Anyone with information about Rogers or Evans should contact the Kentucky State Police at (800) 222-5555, CrimeStoppers at (270) 781-CLUE.

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